Eva Happy Home stands out as your ultimate choice for renting or settling down. They excel in providing up-to-date information tailored to suit your lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Even during these challenging times in the Netherlands real estate market, they remain dedicated to finding your perfect match with patience and care. Their consultations are seamless in Dutch, English, and Mandarin, ensuring no language barriers. Don't hesitate—reach out to them today. You won't be disappointed.



Eva and Oscar were extremely helpful in securing ideal tenants for my apartment. Their professionalism and support ensured a seamless rental process. Their proactive communication kept me well-informed, and their insightful advice was instrumental in selecting the perfect renters. A very happy landlord!

Ivan and Family


I'm incredibly grateful to Eva Happy Home for their outstanding support. Despite a tight deadline and the holiday season, Eva and Oscar played a crucial role in finding us a beloved home and assisting with utility setups. Their commitment made our move effortless. I strongly recommend Eva Happy Home for their proficient service in the Dutch rental market, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. A big thank you to Eva and Oscar for making it happen!

Miss K.K


It was a very great experience to have Oscar and Eva's support to buy and find a wonderful place in the Netherlands! Eva knows a lot about housing in the Netherlands as well as a nice kitchen store and floor stores. She is very wise in price determination and prevent buyer to be fooled around by the market. Oscar is very knowledgeable for the law and regulations with respect to buying a new house. He always provide a very clear and up-to-date knowledge within one day for all the questions that I had encountered. Finding houses in the Netherlands can be very frustrating. However, with the help and strong support of Oscar and Eva, it was a very pleasant and smooth process for me. I didn't have to worry much about not being able to find anything and didn't have to worry about any mistakes during the entire purchasing process. Thank you so much!



"I want to give a big thanks to you, Eva Happy Home. Not only help us to find a great apartment, but also provide great information, like electricity, gas, network and insurance service providers to choose from. Without your help, it is impossible for us to settle down in just 3 weeks in Den Bosch city, as we are from Taiwan and totally not familiar with everything here. My colleagues and even City Hall officer feel very surprised how we can find an apartment so quickly. Thanks again for your friendly support and professional services. "



Extremely responsible housing agent, assisting from start to finish. With the best attitude, they help with any questions and quickly find suitable houses at reasonable prices in convenient locations. They not only help with house hunting but also guide you to get acquainted with the entire city, exploring different areas and districts, introducing you to all the supermarkets, and immersing you in the local culture to give you a fast welcome to Holland.

Daniel & Family


Recommend Eva Happy Home! They helped me complete all the necessary procedures for viewing houses, signing contracts, and moving in within 3 weeks. Eva & Oscar will be your great helpers when you arrive in the Netherlands, acting like friends who discuss your housing needs, provide life advice, and execute everything precisely, allowing you to quickly resolve the hassles of renting in the Netherlands. If you still have doubts and concerns about living in the Netherlands as a newcomer, contact them and have a chat!

T.H. Ou


In fact, I think the service is very good, I can feel that you are very hardworking and enthusiastic, and the pricing of the agency fee payment is also very reasonable. So everthing is very satisfying. A small suggestion, for some customer they would like to have a contract -agreement earlier, maybe this is where you can improve to also protect yourself.



I would like to thank Eva happy home for helping me out with finding a house in this tough and competitive market. The service was on the highest level. Communication was quick and smooth. The agent was really helpful and put maximum effort to find accommodation. I’m pleased with the experience. If the search for an apartment seems like an impossible mission, you should contact Eva Happy Home!



"I had heard that finding a house in the Netherlands was extremely difficult before coming here, especially for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the area. It seemed almost impossible to find a suitable place within a month. However, to my surprise, Eva Happy Home helped us find our ideal rental home in just two weeks! The day after we arrived in the Netherlands, Eva immediately contacted us and listened carefully to our needs. She tirelessly searched for over 30 properties for us. In addition, Eva was very proactive in scheduling viewings and keeping us updated on the progress, often providing updates every other day. Moreover, after confirming the rental property, Eva helped review the lease agreement, accompanied us during the key exchange, and assisted with the subsequent applications for utilities and internet. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Eva, and she made our move to the Netherlands much easier and stress-free. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Eva Happy Home."